Are store procedures in your Oracle plan allowed?

Yes, stored procedures are allowed in all of our Oracle plans

 Are there any hidden fees?

There are NO hidden fees or charges. 

 Are you located in the United States?

Yes, we are 100% based in the USA

 Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan or features later?

You can purchase new or expanded features, or upgrade to a new plan. There is no set up fee for...

 Can I use ORACLE WALLET with the APEX or Oracle Plan?

Yes, we will set up Oracle Wallet for you so you can use SSL certificate. You can also intergrate...

 Do you allow adult hosting?

No, we do not. If offensive material is found, your account will be deleted immediately.

 Do you have iSQLPlus or SQL Plus capability so that I can create tables (dml/ddl) and compile packages?

We have both iSQLPlus and sqlplus capability. We generallly recommend using your Oracle client...

 Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Yes, we offer 24/7 technical support via e-mail. We also offer telephone support during normal...

 Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee (certain hosting plans are excluded. Please see...

 Do you offer referral program?

For each new hosting customer you refer to Revion Solutions, Inc we'll pay you one time fee...

 Do you offer trial accounts?

No, we do not offer trial accounts.  However, if you aren't satisfied with our hosting...

 Do you support SSL/https with Oracle Tomcat, Jboss or Apex package?

Yes, SSL/https is supported with ALL of our hosting plans except Oracle only.

 Do you support Verisign SSL certificates?

Yes, we support Verisign and many other SSL certficates

 How can I check if SSL installed correctly?

How can I check if SSL installed correctly? We found great tool that verifies ALL SSL...

 How many schemas can i have in a oracle database?

Our Oracle Basic Hosting comes with 2 users/schemas - You can add...

 I want to buy the Oracle Tomcat - Hosting Solution. With this plan can I create Triggers, Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Sequences, Indexes, Synonyms, Constrains, DB Links and Jobs?

Yes, you can do all that with any of our Oracle hosting plans.

 In order to use your hosting servie I would need to be able to automate the daily import of data. What options are available for loading data into the database? Can we use: sql loader? the Oracle import (imp) utility? external tables?

You can use sql loader, import or data pump utility.

 Is there a discount if we pay annually?

Yes, if you pay annually there's a discount, saving is listed under the hosting plan page.

 Is your Oracle Plan provided on Windows or Unix Operating System?

Our Oracle Database hosting plans provided either on Windows or Unix systems- it's your choice....

 This article describes how to get an SSH program for your computer and use it to "telnet" into your server.

This article describes how to get an SSH program for your computer and use it to ssh into your...

 Where can I find Revion Solutions Terms of Service (TOS)?

Terms of Services is available at this URL:

 Where do I go to find Oracle Tool/client?

You can either use Oracle or any other client (Toad, etc) from your PC to connect to the database...

 Will we be able to register our domain and point it to your server?

Yes, you can. You can also transfer existing domain(s)

 Would you be able to set up a Thawte SSL certificate on our domain level (with the needed Oracle wallet details) so that we can do credit card payments through our site?

Yes, we support and will setup SSL certificate ( any Certificate Authority supporting Oracle...