Can I import database? How?

Yes you can.

If performing from your PC: make sure to copy & paste connection string that was sent in oracle setup email into your tnsnames.ora file

If perfomring import from our Unix server: upload your database dump file to ANY directory, ssh into your shell account and follow instructions below

Using Oracle import utility either from your PC or from our Unix server issue the following command:

imp youruser/yourpassword@connection_string file=your_dumpfile.dmp log=log.txt fromuser=export_user touser=cur_username


imp= oracle import utility

youruser= current user name on our database

yourpassword= current password on our database

@connection_string = is the connection string that was sent in sign up email

log= log file

file= file that you exported from your previous database

fromuser= user that exported dump file

touser= you current database user


To export database:

exp user/pass@connection_string file=export.dmp  log=log.txt

**PLEASE MAKE SURE* when you import database that your dump file was exported as regular users or import will fail.

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