What are the steps to buy SSL certificate?

This is what you need to do:
1. Please ensure your whois info (registrar) info is correct.

1a. Determine what name you want to secure: e.g. https://yourname.com , https://www.yourname.com or secure.

If you are testing using our subdomain [ yourname.revion.net] - that is fine.
Once you know the name, and whois info is correct please let us know and we will generate and send CSR request back to you.

1b. go to Certificate authority ( Godaddy, Digicert, etc) - select how many years SSL should be valid from the drop down box, add it to shopping cart
2. WHen asked what web server software select Apache for Unix or Microsoft IIS 7.x or later for IIS or Other/Oracle Wallet if your domain is hosted on Oracle apex (Apache is for Unix based accounts, IIS 7.x for Windows, ORACLE WALLET FOR APEX hosted domains)
3. When completed and recevied SSL from Certificcation authority, please forward original email to our Customer service email.

Please let us know if there any questions

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