This article describes how to get an SSH program for your computer and use it to "telnet" into your server.

This article describes how to get an SSH program for your computer and use it to ssh into your server.



SSH is a secure replacement for telnet, allowing you to have shell access to *NIX systems. It is very similar to telnet but protects you by encrypting all communication to and from the server, preventing eavesdroppers on the Internet from intercepting your sensitive data such as passwords, etc.


Telnet access is disabled on all hosting services to protect your privacy. SSH is a drop-in replacement for telnet, giving you all the power plus more security for shell access to your hosting service.



Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP


PuttySSH -

Installation and use:

Download the putty.exe

Save it to your C:WINDOWS folder

If you want to make a link to it on your desktop:

Open the C:WINDOWS folder in windows explorer

Right click on the "putty.exe" file and select "Create Shortcut"

Drag the shortcut to your Desktop

Double click on the "putty.exe" program or shortcut

In the "Host Name" field, enter the domain name or IP address of your hosting service per the service activation letter.

Select "SSH" as the "Protocol"

Click "Open"

You will be prompted to accept the key for the server used for encrypting the communications. Click "Yes"

Enter your username and password provided in the service activation letter




SSH is installed with OSX (it is a command line program)


Select Applications and click on the "Utilities" folder

Click on the "Terminal" utility

In the command-line interface window enter:


Where username is the username you received in your service activation letter and is the domain name or IP address of your hosting service.

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