How do I export/import Oracle Apex applications

To export and then import an Oracle apex application:


1. Login into your workspace


2. Choose Application builder

3. Choose the application you would like to export

4. Click Export/Import icon


5. Choose export

6. Be sure to choose the highlighted settings and hit export

7. Save the file                             


8. Now with the file saved we can begin to import the file.  Logged out of the current workspace and login into the workspace you would like to import the file to. Once logged in, Go back to Application builder and choose Import


9. Choose Database Application and hit browse to choose the saved exported file and hit next


10. Hit next on the import screen


11. You can choose “auto assign Application ID” or create application ID.  “Reuse App ID” will not be allowed on the same environment


12. Hit Install application.  You will be asked to install supporting objects if importing a packages application.  Just hit Yes


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